Pre Fit Gun Barrels

Welcome to Preferred Barrels prefit barrel builder home page! Here you can select your platform and options to build barrels tailored to your specs. Please read the Before You Start section to ensure you understand your responsibility in ordering a custom barrel. Also, at the very bottom of the page, you can find commonly asked questions regarding prefits in general as well as PBB specific information.
Before You Start

  • Select Thread Size

    Please make sure to select the proper thread size to fit your action type

  • Make Certain Your Barrel & Receiver Will Work

    Please do not place your order until you are fully confident that the appropriate barrel is ordered for your intended receiver.

  • Changes After Submitting Are Subject to a Fee

    Orders changed/canceled after 48 hours from the time submitted are subject to a revisal/cancellation fee if necessary.

  • Use a Qualified Individual to Install Pre-Fits

    When considering a variable shoulder prefit barrel, (ones that use a torque nut opposed to integral shoulder), make sure a qualified individual who has the proper tools and gauges can perform a functional install for you, as well as hold all liability related to proper headspace

FAQ - PreFit Gun Barrels

Barrel Nut Accuracy vs Shouldered Barrels

We are frequently asked the question of whether or not installing a barrel nut is as repeatable as a shouldered barrel. The answer is a straightforward yes. We manufacture our barrel nuts in house and have no runout between the internal threads and the torquing surface, which ensures the same barrel/receiver alignment as a shouldered barrel. However, there are a couple of differences we should note:

  1. Installation of barrel nuts requires more effort/skill. Variable shoulder prefits require proper headspacing gauges, as well as a qualified gunsmith to install correctly. Improper installation can cause harm to the shooter, others around, the firearm itself, and surrounding objects.
  2. Barrel nut prefits are cosmetically different on certain receivers. Utilizing the thread size to dictate the barrel shank diameter, these types of barrels are smaller in the breech area, typically 1.062” versus 1.200”+. We designed each barrel nut to be as ergonomic as possible to achieve maximum functionality and user-friendly look and feel. Chassis builds allow seamless use, while major stock makers are creating inlets for nuts, some stocks require fitment.

How can I tell which shank my Savage prefit rifle is?

There are two Savage shank sizes: standard and magnum. The standard nuts are .875” (7⁄8”) long and the magnum is .625” (5⁄8”) in length. Due to the fact that models feature both shank sizes, it’s not as easy as saying that a specific model has one and only shank size. Measuring the headspacing nut is the fastest and easiest way to tell the two apart from each other.

Updated info! Measuring the barrel nut is no longer a sure fire method of determining your shank size! You will want to measure the diameter of the barrel shank itself.  The small shank ≈ 1.06" dia and the large/magnum shank ≈ 1.12" dia.


How do I install a prefit barrel to my receiver?

We've built a landing page with text instructions as well a video. If you would like the full detailed instruction click below. Or feel free to just watch our tutorial YouTube video. 

Detailed InstructionsHow to Install Prefit Gun Barrel