How to Install a Prefit Barrel

November 4, 2019
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how to install a prefit barrel

How to Install a Prefit Barrel

Preferred Barrel Blanks wants to make buying and installing one of our prefit barrels as easy as possible for our customers. In this video, we are demonstrating how to install one of our variable shoulder barrels. Variable shoulder barrels is a term we use for barrels that have adjustable headspace and a barrel nut, similar to how Savage prefit barrels are installed. This How-To pertains to any of our prefits that utilize a barrel nut for factory actions such as the Ruger American, Tikka T3, Howa 1500, Howa Mini action, Ruger Precision Rifle, Savage, Remage and Remington rifles.

How to Install a Savage Prefit Gun Barrel

For this demonstration, we are using the most basic tools possible to install the barrel, set head-space and torque the barrel nut it to specification. We found that the bare minimum tools required would be a torque wrench, our Preferred barrel nut wrench, bench vise, and a set of head-space gauges. If you are not comfortable with an install like this we recommend taking it to a local gunsmith with the proper head-space gauge for your chamber and having them install the barrel.

This process is definitely possible to do in just a few minutes when equipped with the proper tools as demonstrated. If you have any questions the best way to contact us is email through [email protected]

These instructions apply to savage actions as well as Ruger Precision Rifle however both those actions require specific barrel nut wrenches that we do not offer. Setting the headspace is the same process as shown in the video.