Preferred Barrel Blanks

Available Contours

Preferred Barrels Contours Explained

Fixed Shoulder barrels offer our largest contour selection, from light to our heaviest contours such as MTU or M24 as well as Palmas, Varmints, Sporters, and our Taperless series. We’ve selected and generated our contours to offer a variety of options that also accept common stock inlets, but also allow for our custom fluting designs. The carbon fiber contour option for fixed shoulder prefits is the Heavy Palma.

Variable shoulder prefits have a smaller shank diameter than fixed shoulders on all action types since the nut creates a large torquing surface.  Due to this fact, some contours may not be available such as Sendero or M24/MTU on a Remage prefit which would result in an irregular shape being generated.

Variable Shoulder prefits for actions such as Savage, Remage, Tikka Variable, Ruger, Howa, and Remington 783  contours: All Sporter contours, all Taperless options, All Palma options, and All Varmint options. The carbon fiber contour option for variable shoulder prefits is the .900" varmint.

**Please see the prefit barrel page for your action to view the full and up-to-date contour options we offer!**

Taperless Contours

  • Our taperless contours have a straight shank 3” forward of the breach with radius down to a set cylindrical diameter starting 5” forward of the breach.
  • They have a smoothed out 2” transition from the shank to cylinder diameter.
  • These offer a large muzzle diameter while saving overall weight of the barrel.
  • For example, compared to a 26” .900” varmint at 5lb 5oz the 26” .900” taperless comes in at 4lb 4oz. Our different sizes are .750” .810” .850” .900” which will satisfy most needs for any type of shooter.

We use the taperless contours on virtually all of our prototype or test barrels due to the limitless flute design potential as well as having the same barrel wall thickness from 5” to the muzzle which we believe yields higher accuracy.

Taperless Contours .810" .850" .900"

Taperless Contour .750"

Sporter Contours

  • Sporter Contours have a radius that starts 2.750” from the breach and creates a smooth transition to each taper diameter.
  • Sporters vary greatly in weight, and we need to note that the numbers do not reference the barrel weight.
  • Options include #1 #2 #3 #4 Sporter contours, specs available on our contours page.
  • Muzzle Diameters are based off of 26” Lengths shorter lengths will reflect the same profile.
  • Lengths shorter than 26” will have larger muzzle diameters.
  • Sendero Contour is a custom sporter sized between #3 and #4 Sporter

Sporter Contours

Palma Contours

  • Composed of a straight shank and two taper design.
  • The straight shank section leads into the first taper with a transition to a second taper typically much longer than the first taper length.

Options include Light, Medium and Heavy Palma as well as custom Palma.

  1. A Shank diameter
  2. B Shank length
  3. C First taper Diameter
  4. D Length of first Taper
  5. E Muzzle Diameter

Custom Palma Contour

Varmint Contours

A varmint contour is composed of a straight shank with specified diameter and length from the breach with one continuous taper to the crown. MTU / M24 Contours are a specific , fixed Varmint profile with a specific muzzle diameter at 26” if ordered shorter than 26", the crown diameter increases accordingly.

Some actions do not have MTU or M24 options available, a 900 varmint would be a very similar contour to an M24.

  1. A Shank diameter
  2. B Shank length
  3. C Muzzle diameter

Custom Varmint Taper

MTU Contour

M24/M40 Contour

Carbon Fiber Contours

Our carbon barrels are made are made to order, from our own blanks.  They weigh 3 lbs or less at 26", depending on the bore size.  The carbon barrel contours we offer are the Heavy Palma and 900 Varmint, depending on which action it is going on.

CF 900 Varmint

CF Heavy Palma