Defiance Machine (Tenacity, Ruckus, anTi, and anTi X) 1.061″x16Px.950″

Base Price: $400

Prefit Barrels for Defiance Actions

Defiance Machine offers several actions that hold .001″ tolerance on their headspace datum. The Tenacity, Ruckus, anTi, and anTi X all have an offering with a .966″-.9665″ headspace length, which is what this fixed-shouldered builder is for. Our barrels are made with the counterbore for the bolt head, just like an R700 barrel, with enough clearance for the M16 or other extractors to function properly. CRF or flat nose bolts will not work with our barrels at this time.

Please note: While we are responsible for making you a quality product, You are liable for how this product is ordered. It is your responsibility to verify the head spacing and breech specs beforehand; we do not refund incorrectly, custom-ordered products. Any changes to orders must be made within 48 hours of order placement.

Current Lead Time: 8-12 Weeks