Kelbly – 7mm PRC – Carbon Prefit Barrel


Prefit Barrels for Kelbly Actions Atlas Tactical, Prometheus, Nanook Fixed Shoulder Prefit 1.061 x 18P x .807


Since 1981, Kelbly’s has been producing the highest caliber of competition rifles and actions! Kelbly actions are extremely repeatable, so nice in fact, we are able to offer prefit barrels for their actions configured in a shouldered barrel. This means there is no barrel nut to worry about, with the use of a barrel vise you can spin off an old shot-out barrel and ours will thread directly back on and headspace correctly to your bolt. It’s as simple as that.  Getting a custom barrel cut to the length, contour, and chamber of your choice has never been easier!

The Atlas Tactical, Prometheus, and Nanook all have an offering with a .942″ headspace length, which is what this fixed-shouldered builder is for.

Installation is seriously simple, just watch this.



Please note: While we are responsible for making you a quality product, You are liable for how this product is ordered.  It is your responsibility to verify the head spacing and breech specs beforehand; we do not refund incorrectly, custom-ordered products.  Any changes to orders must be made within 48 hours of order placement. 

The current estimated build time is 10-12 weeks or longer; Inventory barrels ship right away!

Additional information


Kelbly (Atlas Tac, Prometheus, Nanook)


7mm PRC

Barrel Material

Carbon Fiber, Matte Finish

Twist Rate

5R 1:8"

Muzzle Threading

5/8"x24 + cap

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