Prefit Barrel Differences Explained

October 14, 2019
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Whats the difference between Preferred Barrel Blanks prefit barrel types? We cover what sets apart the shouldered barrel vs a barrel nut setup and the different styles of barrel nuts manufacturers have for their rifles. Our shouldered barrel options cover actions like the bighorn origin, kelblys atlas tactical and more. Our barrel nut options are for most factory actions like Remington, savage, tikka, Ruger precision, and American actions.

Shouldered Pre-fits

Shouldered pre-fits work on premium actions that have tight enough tolerances so we can headspace them to the factory action. We can set headspace at our factory without your action. 

Barrel Nut Style Pre-fits

Barrel nut style pre-fit. Bottom the nut up against the shoulder of the your barrel, then set your headspace. Once you've got that set torque your barrel nut down. This is our most common style of pre-fit.

Savage Barrel Nut Pre-fits

Savage barrels are the same concept as a barrel nut pre-fit, although they do require a savage barrel nut. You can also install this style of barrel on a Remington and they're called Remage barrels. You'll need to measure the threads to tell if its a large shank or small shank. Savage barrel nuts are an option. Keep in mind we do offer Remington style barrels that will fit factory Remington stocks.

Ruger Precision Pre-fits

Ruger precision are the same concept as the barrel nut style pre-fit, but they have an integrated barrel nut shoulder that threads into the receiver. You'll have an AR-15 nut that will slip over the barrel that allows for adjustable head space. You'll need to use go/no-go guages to measure the headspace.