How to Install Fixed Shoulder Prefit Gun Barrel

November 5, 2020
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how to install a fixed shoulder prefit barrel

Install a Fixed Shoulder Prefit Gun Barrel

Preferred Barrel Blanks wants to make buying and installing one of our prefit barrels as easy as possible for our customers. In this video, we are demonstrating how to install one of our fixed shoulder barrels. Fixed shoulder barrels is a term we use for barrels that do not have adjustable headspace or a barrel nut. This How-To pertains to any of our prefits that are specified as fixed shoulder pre fit gun barrels and do not utilize a barrel nut - for factory actions such as the Big Horn/Zermatt, Impact Precision, Nucleus+Mausingfield, Terminus Zeus, Kelbly Atlas Tactical rifles.

Fixed Shoulder Prefit Gun Barrel Installation

For this demonstration, we are using a few tools that make is much easier and cleaner to install. The Short Action Customs Barrel Vise + the Short Action Customs Modular Barrel Wrench that will allow you to get the correct lug raceway contact on our wrench.

It is also suggested to use drywallers tape to wrap the barrel to protect the barrel. This will protect finishes on the barrel.

On fixed shoulder prefit gun barrels the headspace is set from the factory. Make certain you get the correct action wrench for your action to ensure a clean install. Reference the manufacturer's specifications as far as torque requirements. If none are specified then a safe bet is 70 lbs.

After installing the fixed shoulder prefit gun barrel make certain to use a go-no-go gauge to verify proper install.