6mm Shootout Video Playlist

August 9, 2019
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Here at Preferred Barrel Blanks, we built three custom rifles for a series of videos we have labeled “The 6mm Shootout.”

In that series, we installed our prefit barrels onto three factory actions including the Howa 1500, Tikka T3, and Ruger American. The first videos released on this series have been the shooting portion where we collected our data and ballistic comparison info followed by a breakdown of the information collected.

We are releasing three separate videos along with this email about each specific rifle and each component used for the builds along with what our experience was with the fit, feel, and ergonomics of all the aspects of the guns. We go through the details of what you should expect when selecting each cartridge like the availability of components and factory ammunition offerings.

Each video is narrated by the shooter of each rifle, we describe from our own experiences what we think. There is a playlist of the entire series on our channel for all the details of our three rigs built where you can find all our information in one spot. Please drop a comment on what you think and subscribe while you're there to catch future content from Preferred Barrel Blanks

The Playlist - 6mm Shootout Videos