Mossberg MVP Mini

Base Prices: $385

The Mossberg MVP Mini action is a great affordable rifle that is known to perform. One benefit to this firearm is that changing the barrel was a consideration when Mossberg put this design through engineering. Unfortunately, the MVP uses a smooth barrel nut to attach the barrel to the receiver, which means more difficulty removing and reinstalling new barrels.To remove the factory barrel nut you can use a pipe wrench, although, THIS WILL HARM THE FINISH of the factory nut, then replace the barrel and nut with our nut and wrench.Our Mossberg MVP Prefit barrels include a precision nut with 6 flats to install and remove the barrels when needed. We specifically designed the nuts to fit in the same footprint as the factory specs therefore, inlets for stocks or chassis designed for the MVP actions will work perfectly. This makes it possible to easily change barrels at a later point if you choose to buy multiple barrels in different chamberings.

Lead Time 12-14 Weeks