Curtis Custom Helix Action


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Precision 3 lug bolt action with a 60* bolt throw and standard Remington 700 footprint The HELIX is a Long action 700 footprint custom action designed for larger magnums and Lapua-based calibers. Built and designed on the backbone of the success of the AXIOM… the HELIX is its Long-Action BIG Brother! Weight 37.8oz

  • 1.350 OD Receiver machined from one piece of 416 stainless steel
  • Extended ejection port
  • Integrated recoil lug
  • Wyatts extended box ready
  • DLC (diamond-like coating) coated bolt.
  • Available in BDL/AI configurations.
  • Includes screwed and pinned on 1913 accessory rail standard at 20 MOA. 40 MOA also available
  • Side bolt release
  • Rollerball tipped cocking piece to reduce drag
  • Fire control system supplied by Greg Tannel
  • M16 extractor
  • .750” bolt diameter
  • Spiral fluted bolt
  • Backorders can take 6-10 weeks
  • Please note bolt face in order Notes. .480 (standard 308) .540 (Magnum) .590 (lapua)
  • .480 (standard 308) backorder can take 12-16 weeks to process, due to limited runs.
  • All actions require a federal firearms license (FFL) before shipping. Please Email FFL to [email protected]

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