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Polymer MDT AICS External Box Magazines for MDT Chassis Systems. It also works in many other M24-type chassis and bottom metals.


MDT Detachable AICS box magazines are designed to fit the MDT TAC21, ACC, ESS, LSS-XL, XRS, and LSS Chassis systems, as well as many other M24-type chassis and bottom metals. Manufactured from high-quality Polymer and uses a tempered steel spring.

We put our magazines through vigorous testing. We have used high-quality strength polymer with a high glass content to ensure durability and strength. Although not unbreakable, we have driven over these magazines with cars and trucks which did not break them.


  • .223REM family of cartridges: 10 Rounds
  • MAX OAL: 2.550″


MDT AICS magazines are guaranteed to work in our XRS, TAC21, LSS, LSS-XL, HS3, ESS, and ACC chassis systems.

They do not work with the following inlets; Browning X-bolt, Winchester XPC, and may require fitting in Winchester Model 70. Based on customer feedback, the following systems work well with our magazines, but fitting may be required in some cases.

  • XLR Chassis
  • KRG X-Ray – Some need adjustment
  • GRS rifle stocks- (Configured for AICS magazines)
  • CDI Precision bottom metals- (Configured for AICS magazines)
  • Pacific Tool and Gauge bottom metals- (Configured for AICS magazines)


  • 224 Valkyrie
  • 6mm ARC (may require minor modification)
  • 6.5 Grendel

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